Ohio Solar Eclipse: April 8, 2024

Ohio Solar Eclipse: April 8, 2024

On April 8, 2024, Paulding County will be in the path of a total solar eclipse, an event that won’t take place in Ohio again until 2099! What is a solar eclipse? It happens when the moon passes between the sun and the earth. During a total solar eclipse, the moon’s shadow will be cast on earth, completely blocking out the sun’s light for a short period of time. Peak time for viewing the 2024 eclipse will begin at approximately 3:10 p.m. and will last nearly two minutes.

Numerous local entities are working together to plan and prepare for this historic event. More information will be added to this page as details are determined, so be sure to check back. Our goal is to help local residents and visitors create a safe and fun experience.

Local Information

Area Media Coverage
Locations for Viewing/Portable Restrooms

Paulding County Park Board

Linda Hodges
Park District President

Public Relations/Promotion/Education

Paulding County EMA & Paulding County Health Department

Edward Bohn
EMA Director

Brandi Schrader
Environmental Specialist


Paulding/Antwerp/Payne Chamber of Commerce

Erica Noggle
Executive Director

Business Liaison

Paulding County Economic Development

Tim Copsey
Executive Director

Public Viewing Sites

Numerous parks and other locations throughout Paulding County will be ready to accommodate viewers. A list will be provided as soon as the information has been finalized. 

Many private entities may be open as viewing sites as well and may not be a part of our list. For more information, please contact those entities directly.

Viewing Glasses

The only safe way to view an eclipse is through a specially-designed set of eclipse glasses or a handheld solar viewer. Locations through Paulding County will have free glasses available for pick-up while supplies last. A complete list will be provided as soon as the information has been finalized.

Communications Interruptions

Cell and landline service may be dropped or delayed during this portion of the day. Please plan accordingly and contact your phone service provider directly with any questions or concerns.

Traffic & Travel

Please Note: The bridge over the Maumee River on U.S. 127 one mile south of Sherwood will be closed due to construction. Learn more about the project and suggested detour routes.

Additional Events & Activities

Many local businesses and organizations will be celebrating this landmark event! Details will be added here as information becomes available.

Health & Welfare

More information will be provided as it is finalized.

Eclipse Merchandise

More information will be provided as it is finalized.